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Текст песни Serial Joe - Deep

Serial Joe - Deep слова песни

You hope that something will happen
But you`re stuck with what you got
In a maze you`re lost thinking of things that are not
Real enough to make things different though
I dont know what it means
Confused and mixed up when everything`s deep
And i dont know what it means
And i dont know why, I dont know why...

What you got serenity
What is not deep
Your mind is not, Your mind is week
Can`t stop its just so deep

You change while everything else is still the same
Therapy is quite the road to take
Expecially when you`re in such a state
That the ones you love are the ones you hate
You crack a smile when you dont understand
The touch of a loved ones hand I dont know why
Why instead of laughing you sit there and cry.


I dont know why


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