Текст песни Soft Boys - Hear My Brane

Soft Boys - Hear My Brane слова песни

Hear my brane a comingDown your slender trackEver since I went away I`ve been wishing I was backOh yeah, wishing I could quackFeel me head a comingThrough your window paneThe glass melts when the head comes through and seals back againOh yes - Indeed - Quite so - In factMaybe you`ll rememberMaybe you`ll forgetIt doesn`t matter very much it hasn`t happened yetOh no, it hasn`t happened yetShe sells brain cellsShe sells brainShe there when I`m hungryRob me when I`m badTeach me foreign languagesBut don`t give me any foodAh no, don`t give me anything to eat

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