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Shh, shh, shh shhGra-grammar like a sledgehammerShh, shh, shh, shhGra-grammar like a sledgehammerShh, shh, shh, shhStackin` pennies like HardawayIt`s hard to play with the M. ChildHa ha[Verse 1]It be some evil that these men doI spit game so cold, playas froze coming to my kin doGangsta hats and trench coats, I pimp notes with quotesLike playa haters takin` guns to they throatsOh no, I`m walking down the strip, poppin` clipsI see O.J., sliced her from her clit to her vertebraeMurder mayday, it`s a third degree slaughterI aint trying to be broke, I need diapers for my daughterFurther up the strip it`s some sisters prostituting, dealers lootingGrabbed my bulletproof too and started shootingNo half steps, I blast techs, homie you can ask RexGet twisted with mister, I`ll leave dripping like a tampexTampon, strap on, the whole, entireShooting cocaine through my veins and now it feels like I`m on fireBut still I wanna get higherDouble crosses get double crossed, lost, get caught up in the crossfireStill down to serve a fiend, partner you done heard of meCock this 4-4 and make the snitch come out of HerculesHurting these bustas with my murder threatsThe murder reps, swirving a 9 fif candied out converted LexAnd you don`t wanna flex with me, you better off on LSDWell let`s see, who`s joking around like Bill Bellamy[Verse 2]Speak of the uniqueness, freakiness like JodeciMister murder poetry, mack is on the low keySlow moving, grooving like a sidewinderRipping fools for thinking y`all`s a liva rhymer (Tricks)I signed a contract in blood, took a playas oathNow I`m smoking blunts, making toasts coast to coastI know for ways of acting stank and stuck upI`m back like Tyson so you better get your guns up.I`m in the 7-5-0 riding t-genuineMe and Mike drunk off tequila and ginSpin the bottle, hit the throttle, y`all can`t stop usFools will drop like shocks when the shots bustMust make stacks, made a batch of bomb hitsWith my click, no the whole nation`s on it[Verse 3]B-b-b-bomb the glock, it`s hot rocks on your blockFrom Pittsburgh to Texas they compose it like Frank Sinat-traI see you brah it`s murder on your mindI downs the Crown and now it`s murder with my nineI am superior, inferior higher than CooleyDone choked and smoked get done up like some doobiesWho me, the playa from the SCBusta, no doubt we pout, I wear you out like some Guess jeansRedeem yourself from all of this madnessBack up in your uh is that playa wearing glasses[Verse 4]Calling the troops like Saudi, it`s an all out attackI`m strapped with black gats, and rough raps, to break your back, jackCataracts is what they call me cause I can`t be seenMean is dope ya know, as I fiend for the green (For the green)Guillotine, sharp on point like a bullseyeCause nothing is short of super in my mental hoo-rideWho`s died, yeah y`all know that I went for noneThem said bring the drama so I had to bring them someFrom the crib Suave House, same addressContest or confess when it hits you in the chestRest assured that it`s pure when I kick itBest mature and handle your businessTricks, so now I got bustas in handcuffsOn a manhunt, I`m staying tough, rolling up the next bluntY`all cannot see me on your tip-toesI got killers that will kill from Mr. Mike where the wind blowsBenzos get burnt Lexs and Verts get tookNow who`s the crook, I`m superfly like Jimmy SnookMy crew will jump on you like cricketsHandle they business, and now I must come wickedTape you, the young Steven SpeilbergThey wanna mob with me, cause I be smoking real herbThat doja pushing more crystals than Folger`sHold ya breath it`s going down trick I told yaShh, shh, shh shhGra-grammar like a sledgehammerShh, shh, shh, shhGra-grammar like a sledgehammerShh, shh, shh, shhStackin` pennies like HardawayIt`s hard to play with the M. ChildHa ha

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