Thomas Lola

You Left Me Lonely

145 3 часа назад

Текст песни Thomas Lola - You Left Me Lonely

Thomas Lola - You Left Me Lonely слова песни

L. Thomas/D. WalkerI don`t want your rosesIt`s too late to sweet talk nowNo use you coming round no moreCause this old flame went outYou left me alone and going out of my headBut a woman left needing moreCan be so easily misleadChorus:You just left me lonelyYou just left me lonely for so longA woman like me can`t be left waitingWaiting on a man forever goneSo much promise in your wordsSo much fire in your eyesSo much hunger when you kissed me back thenBut you let love fall from oh so highYou left me needing moreAnd someone new came alongAnd an empty heart, an empty heartCannot be that strongRepeat chorusI hear a different drummer nowI`m dancing to a different beatI`ll find a man who will stay at home for meAnd never play me cheapYour love became a lessonJust a sad memorySo I`ll let go of the dreamsI had for you and meRepeat chorus

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