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Текст песни Tom Petty - Jammin` Me

Tom Petty - Jammin` Me слова песни

You got me in a corner
You got me against the wall
I got nowhere to go
I got nowhere to fall

Take back your insurance
Baby nothin`s guaranteed
Take back your acid rain
Let you TV bleed

You`re jammin` me, You`re jammin` me
Quit jammin` me
Baby you can keep me painted in a corner
You can walk away, but it`s not over

Take back your angry slander
Take back your pension plan
Take back your ups and downs of your life
In Raisin-Land

Take back Vanessa Redgrave
Take back Joe Piscopo
Take back Eddie Murphy
Give `em all some place to go


Take back your iranian torture
And the apple in young Steve`s eye
Yeah take back your losing streak
Check your front wheel drive

Take back Pasadena
Take back El Salvador
Take back that country club
They`re tryin` to build outside my door

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