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Текст песни Trail of tears - Mournful Pigeon

Trail of tears - Mournful Pigeon слова песни

Infinite oblivion...beyond all words and thoughtsDesires sent to sleep,to the dawn of knowledge comesA dismal gleam in their frozen eyes,gathering of the beloved onesBleeding portraits on velvet wallsSerene divinity passing onHiding are the deceitful onesThey have no courage, they have no feelingsWeakness and greed the mostNow my sighs have been answered,they have drained me of all lifeThe passion of the tragedies,described beyond my lossFeels like flyingFar away, out of confusiontill clearness...I can see the tears, falling...from your eyes.Try to wipe them, try to wipe them awayBut they were frozen, they were frozen to your chinCan`t control my feelingsFeels like I`m blind and stuck out in the darkwith no trees around meDon`t know what`s passing me byWhy now?It`s time to say farewellLeaves fall from the dying tree againEmotions brought to lifeBy meMy dearest pigeon is mournful yet again.

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