Daddy`s Home

  indie  rock  boston  funk  metal
184 3 часа назад

Текст песни Tribe - Daddy`s Home

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(Terri)When he`s not homeMeans we move around as we pleaseBut when he gets home the blood that`s in my head willfreezeA big bottle`s emptyAnother one is still fullAnd when that`s all gone someone`s sure to get itin the endAnd when he`s home he`s home it`s not a homeIt`s just a madhouse anywayIt`s two o`clockMom says we can stay home againBut at six o`clock we`d rather be at schoolagainA hand looms higherThan a little face, it`s `causeHe knows this child wishes he wasn`t heretoday

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