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Текст песни T.S.O.L. (TSOL) - Blackmagic

T.S.O.L. (TSOL) - Blackmagic слова песни

<i>[Bridge:]</i>I believe in magicI don`t believe in love`Cause I read your starlinesI didn`t see no love[Chorus:]I saw your black catI saw your witch craftsI don`t need your 666 packI don`t need your loveWell you left youself neakedFor me and my friends to seeYour iced over graveyardSupposed to put a spell on me[Bridge]I saw you walkin` downtownWith a man in black yesterday,No ifs, ands, or buts,it doen`t really matter what you say,[Chorus]I believe (in black magic)I believe (in black magic)I believe (in black magic)In black magic[repeat last stanza 6 times]

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