Do You Feel Loved

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207 3 часа назад

Текст песни U2 - Do You Feel Loved

U2 - Do You Feel Loved слова песни

take these hands they`re good for nothingyou know these hands have never worked a daytake these boots they`re going nowhereyou know these boots they don`t want to strayyou got my head filled with songsyou got my shoelaces undonetake my shirt go on take it off meyou can tear it upif you can tie me downDO YOU FEEL LOVED? DO YOU FEEL LOVED?TAKE THE colours of my imaginationTAKE THE scent hanging in the airtake this tangle of a conversationand turn it into your own prayerwith my fingers as you want themwith my nails under your hidewith my teeth at your backand my tongue to tell you the sweetest liesDO YOU FEEL LOVED? DO YOU FEEL LOVED?AND IT LOOKS like the SUN BUT IT FEELS LIKE RAINlove`s a bully pushing and shovingin the belly of a womanheavy rhythm taking overto stick togethera man and a womanstick togetherman and womanstick togetherDO YOU FEEL LOVED?DO YOU FEEL LOVED?AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE SUNBUT IT FEELS LIKE THE RAINand THERE`S HEAT IN THE SUN TO SEE US THROUGH THE RAIN

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