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Текст песни Varathron - Under The Sight Of Horus

Varathron - Under The Sight Of Horus слова песни

Look in the sky the wingrd angelsBeyond the invisible horizonThe kingdom of isolted angelsWhere stoneshaped shadows mourn (what they`re lost!)The mystic vision of OsirisThe mighty god of SeviaTill, the promising truth of horus(As) predicted by priest mefanthaYou laugh for darkness dominationYou laugh for living plaguesThe owner of curse once covered the cityTransform the demon inside you.Under the sight of horusThe chosen oneThe lord of sacred painThe king of desolationHail erebus, lord of death.Beyond the southern seasWhere mortal search your pathA gate to underworldThe vision of thousand priestsUnder the sight of horusThe stone valley of deathThere, you will find the truthFrom the sacred book of invocation(And then) you will open the gates for them.

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