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Текст песни Warhead - Beyond Recall

Warhead - Beyond Recall слова песни

...now strapped to the table he hopelessly watches the preparation of hislethal injection. As the poison enters his veins his life is beyond recall.It`s all a mistake, this show is a fakeYou fuckers, you lie, I wanted to tryAnd no one of you, the murderers crewIs better than me, you`re guilty in my eyesBEYOND RECALLWho starts the machine?You turn me to the screenFor you it`s all a joke, you want me to chokeI still can`t believe, it`s only your griefIt`s not, I can feel I`m not sure that you know this isBEYOND RECALLSo look at me, look at me, you witnessesWhat do you see?Is this what makes you masturbateFor you everything`s too lateThe last thing I want to tell youAnd I know that this is true, cause somedayYou`ll all die, too, and this isBEYOND RECALLCold liquid, the poison`s in my veinsOh my god, I can`t describe the painWhy can`t I breathe, I`m fighting with my fateThe hell in me, you`ll never stop the hate this way...

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