Perfect / infect

  nsbm  black metal  thrash metal  ukraine  hardcore
488 3 часа назад

Текст песни Warhead - Perfect / infect

Warhead - Perfect / infect слова песни

now we face the end of 1999
like rats they leave the sinking ship
the higher-class mankind
tearing down the walls of inhumanity
the crowd stands up with powersaws
to show you how to bleed

staight ahead
there`s no beg
you will get - perfect/infect

with unjustice and poverty
you`ve tried to starve us out
but Judgement-Day`s not far from here,
you`ll see what it`s all about
we`ll shower you with pestilence
until your minds get lost
there`s no escape from punishment,
eradication starts

straight ahead...

tell me when
you start to wonder why
the day you can`t deny
will see you passing by
you`ll be on your knees,
beg and entreat, oh please
we all just have one life
and each life says good-bye

straight ahead
there`s no beg
you will get
this last good-bye

perfect/infect, perfect/infect
perfect/infect, perfect/infect

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