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Текст песни Warhead - Blackout

Warhead - Blackout слова песни

...on the backseat of a squad-car he realizes for the first time what hehas done and wonders about his bleak future. He`s aware of his guilt andtries to justify himself with a blackout...Oh let me wake up quickly, let me get outta hereAnd wash away the guilt, the blood-stains on my shirt Oh my god what have Idone?Why did I use this fuckin` gun?Why did I shoot and kill a man? and a woman, too?BLACKOUT BLACKOUT BLACKOUT BLACKOUTNow here I sit on the back-seat of a squad carWhat`s gonna happen now? I won`t say a word to any of these bastardsThey won`t make me bow I didn`t want to kill these people I didn`t want toshootThis was never my intentionReally, I didn`t want to...BLACKOUT BLACKOUT BLACKOUT BLACKOUT

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