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Текст песни Warhead - Blindly

Warhead - Blindly слова песни

[music: eilen][lyrics: eilen][arranged by WARHEAD]a tear drops down from your facethe wrong thing at the right placeyour eyes a touch of nothingyour capturedthe bloody truth is, you`re stoned againfeel the needle in your veinsbuy the stuff and be deada little higher you geteat pills instead eating breademotions you share with painyou`re insaneas long as you are satisfiedyou`re standing on the good sidea hell`s what you`re living inblindlyclose the door behind your eyesawait the big surprisethe fire is burning coldyour life`s soldthe stab hurts you, never carea dead body, a living nightmareit gets you before you can get itthe beginning of the endthe opinion you had to defendthe walk into the fireyour desirenever stop, go on and onnothing`s right but you are wrongyou have gone one step too far!blindly

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