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Текст песни White Boy f Katt Wiliiams - Young Pimp

White Boy f Katt Wiliiams - Young Pimp слова песни

[Money Mike - talking]Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin` in itLadies and gentlemen, pimps, and hoes, and bitches of all agesThis is your host Money motherfuckin` MikeRight outside ICEE Records right here in ChicagoThese niggaz is pimpin` at 18 and I`m here to tell youI`m an eye motherfuckin` witness, this nigga ain`t bullshittin`If you don`t believe me, listen for yourself.[White Boy]Let me hip you the game, bitchTake a glimpse of the chain, bitchLook at the rims on the Range, trick biatchI`m not ya average pimp I keep a, nice chick bouncin` on my white dickThey like to get it twice quick cause I got the magic stick, so I hope your focusedI grind with my rhyme call me hocus pocus, to play me`s hopelessand I lately know thisI`m a paper rollin`, and these Yanks they know itWhite Boy hate this Oman, but I avoid the po-posPut some more loyal hoes onTrick suck a nigga dick quick `til his dope goneAnd that`s fo` sho`, I won`t ask for mo`Stop actin` hoe, give me my cash and goOh!, you didn`t know, pimp in my blood bitchit`s a gift from above, Yeah[Hook - Katt Williams] (White Boy)Y-O-U-N-G (When you see me in the club baby show me some love, nigga what?)P-I-M-P (Got the game on lock, in these streets on the don-dada, yeah)Y-O-U-N-G (Fuck these hoes up man with the Icey ring that bling-blang)P-I-M-P (Holla at me Young Pimp White Boy I`ma do the damn thing)[White Boy]Mack a Don, awaited by G-straps and thongsTop notch nigga these facts is knownKeep rats, hit `em wit` a free pack, you don`tHolla` back while I count G stacks aloneO`s atro blow like three saxaphonesAsk ya hoe who track she on (White Boy)Now I`m ridin` on chrome, slidin` by ya homeLookin` fresh as the bio-dome, trick what![Hook][White Boy]You can call me Deuce, you can me youYou can call me Luke, the 3000 SnoopMore chicks than Nelly, drinkin` rounds`a juiceWe talkin` shit like ass when ya bowzers movin`We got, pounds is movin` out of town in HoustonPlus we got sluts that`ll set you up, stick a lame for his dustCain and clut, we got hoes that`s all out dangerousTape you up leave ya neck with a razor cutMan I don`t get it, you niggaz so differentYou niggaz po-pimpin` , gettin` no bitchesWhen ya hoe won`t go tell her go get itAnd that`s the truth, this is somethin` that a mack would doI`m tellin you, not askin` youand if you fuck with my money then I`ll have to shootCause I`m rough out here and I`m after loot, nigga[Hook][Money Mike]Ay, welcome back, we`re here at the all pimps, all day, all the time networkI am your host as usual Money motherfuckin` MikeI saw one of these niggaz with spinner hubcaps, what part of the game is thatGot to get out your car and spin them bitches manually, I mean this is ridiculous[Hook]

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White Boy f Katt Wiliiams - Young Pimp
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