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Текст песни Yearning - Solitary

Yearning - Solitary слова песни

Solely watching life passing byStranded helpless at withering skyStraying through these mazes bleakWith no other place to seekNot far from hereCan you hear my dearHow the moon sings your croonThrough the night in your sightand the stains on the wallAs you wait for the callFrom outside demonworldIn their eyes only gloomWhen the feathers of your wings have burnedIn solemn slumber to which you`ve turnedBlackbirds sings a tune of dazeHollow silence follows these daysAnd stars are raping your cold eyeholesWhen tors of old fall down and crumbleTo the seas of black utter helpless griefAwait me, please don`t die nowIt ain`t no time for you,Undying

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