Nine Voices (Longwalker)

  progressive rock  classic rock  rock  progressive  british
415 3 часа назад

Текст песни Yes - Nine Voices (Longwalker)

Yes - Nine Voices (Longwalker) слова песни

Anderson/Squire/Howe/White/Sherwood/KhoroshevOn a beachNorth AfricaNine tribesmen stand aloneWaiting for a distant callWaiting for the world to answerThru` the night of a thousand starsEncircled by the lightThey began to sing a new songOf forces that surround us Nine voicesThis dialogueNine voicesSinging as oneNine voicesThis dialogueNine voicesWhen the sun came up they sangAs the perfect calendar says Each had the power of peopleSpeaking new languagesThey gave forgiveness meaningNew ways of letting goEach child is born for greatnessWith forces that surround themThis voiceThis dialogueThis voiceSinging as oneNine voicesThis dialogueNine voicesSinging as oneHis voicesThis dialogueThis voicesSinging as oneNine voicesNine voicesNine voicesNine voices

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