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Текст песни Yngwie Malmsteen - Braveheart

Yngwie Malmsteen - Braveheart слова песни

Closing my mouthbefore I screamNo-one can shakemy self-esteemWhisper my nameconfuse my mindTo me it`s the sameif I`ll surviveThis game you can`t winWho is free from sinI won`t be afraidMy soul will remainGo on and sleepthe sleep of the justIf your conscience is cleando what you mustOne day you will knowI was a friend, not foeI won`t be afraidMy soul will remainLet go of your hateI won`t be afraidI won`t be afraidMy soul will remainlet go of your hateI won`t be afraid, oh no...

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