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Chris De Burgh - Discovery

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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 18:33:34 +0100 (MET)
From: Gunter Kohl
Subject: pro 'Discovery' by Chris DeBurgh

>From At The End Of A Perfect Day
by Chris DeBurgh

Year Released: 1977

Another version of Discovery exists on "Beautiful Dreams" I don't know, if
it uses the same chords and the same key...

Playing Time: 3:21

Transcription: Gunter Kohl, kohl@kph.uni-mainz.de

F Bb F
Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry the tears from your eyes,
d a C
But I cannot stay with thee Until the morning,
Bb d a
For the dawn is breaking, And my ship is waiting for me,
Bb F Bb C
And I must go, But I'll be back, yes, Before this year is over;

F Bb F
So we sailed across the sea, Till we found America,
d a C
'Round the Cape of Storms We set our sails for home,
Bb d
And when the sea was roaring And the Lord I called
a Bb F Bb C
To help my drowning men,I saw the light, yes, the candle in your window

F Bb F Bb
And I have brought you silver, And I have brought you gold,
F Bb d C
And spices from the Indies in the hold;
F Bb F Bb
I've seen ships on the horizon, That I'd swear were going down,
F Bb
But now I know for certain,
d C Bb C F
The world is round, I have seen, my eyes have seen.
F Bb F Bb
One day says Galileo, A man will reach the sky,
F Bb d C
And see the world completely, From outside,
F Bb F Bb
And gazing down from yonder, On a world of blue and green,
F Bb
He'll say with eyes of wonder,
d C Bb C F
I have seen, I have seen, My eyes have seen.

I have seen, My eyes have seen.


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