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Chris De Burgh - Ship To Shore

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
#From: ludwig@ufclnx.unt.dec.com (Ludwig Alberter)
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{title:Ship To Shore}
{subtitle:Chris De Burgh}

[Eb]Ship to [Bb]shore, do you [Ab]read me any[Eb]more? This [Ab]line is [Bb]bad and [Eb]fad[Bb]ing.
[Eb]Ship to [Bb]shore, [Ab]answer my [Eb]call. [Ab]Send me a [Bb]signal, a [Ab/C]beacon to [Bb/D]bring me
[Ebsus4] [Eb] [Ebsus4] [Eb] [Bbsus4] [Bb] [Ab]

[Cm]I have been to [Fm]see the world. [Db]Tasted life at ev[Cm]ery turn.
And [Fm]all that time your fa[Bb]ce came back to haunt [Cm]me. [Fm] [Bb]
[Cm]Day by day the [Gm]feeling grew I kn[Fm]ow I'm still in lo[Cm]ve with you,
the far[Fm]ther that I [Cm]go the more I know [Bb]it.
I want to show you


Moving fast, all systems go, You and I had time to grow.
Before there was a breakdown in transmission.
How I wish that we could turn the clock back to the time when we
were lovers in the true sense of the meaning.
You must believe me.

{c:Chorus, but instead of 'fading' sing 'drowning'.}

[Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore. [Ab] [Eb] [Eb] [Bb] [Ab] [Bb]
[Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore. [Ab] [Eb] [Eb] [Bb] [Ab] [Bb]
[Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore. [Ab] [Eb] [Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore [Ab] [Bb]
[Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore. [Ab] [Eb] [Eb]Ship to sh[Bb]ore [Ab] [Bb]
[Eb]I cannot[Bb] believe [Ab]my ey[Eb]es, but I th[Eb]ink I s[Bb]ee the light[Ab]. [Bb]
[Eb]You are[Bb] every[Ab]thing [Eb]I always wa[Eb]nted [Bb]in my life[Ab]. [Bb]

^ ^ ^
regards, EXTRA / / / NULLA
Ludwig BAVARIAM / / / VITA
v v v

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