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Chelsea - Let The Beat Hold
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Chelsea — английская панк-группа: образовалась в Лондоне в 1976 году и оказалась «…одной из немногих панк-групп первой волны, которым удалось создать собственное звучание и при этом выжить» (Rolling Stone/Trouser Press) [1]. Трое участников первого состава — Билли Айдол, Тони Джеймс и Джон Тоуи (экс-London SS) — год спустя образовали Generation X. На смену им пришли Кэри Форчун (ударные), Мартин Стэйси (гитара) и Боб Джесси (бас), но двух последних вскоре заменили Хенри Дэйз и Джеймс Стивенсон (который также вскоре перешел в Generation X). Впоследствии процесс продолжался: окружение менялось, Джин Октобер оставался единственным постоянным участником. Самой известной песней группы остается ее «Right To Work» (протест против безработицы), вышедшая дебютным синглом. В 2003 году журналом Mojo она была включена в список лучших панк-песен всех времен.

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There is more than one artist with this name.
1. A punk rock band from London, England
2. A rock band from Japan : RIGHT TAG is: CHELSEA
3. An indie pop band from France
4. A rock band from The United States

Chelsea are an English punk rock band, formed in London in 1976.

The original line-up was front-man Gene October, guitarist Billy Idol, Tony James (bass) and John Towe (drums, who had come from London SS along with James).

After a few gigs, the other three left October to form Generation X (with Idol later becoming a major star). October then recruited Carey Fortune (drums), Martin Stacy (guitar) and Bob Jessie (bass), with the last two soon replaced by Henry Daze and James Stevenson (who later performed with Generation X , gene loves jezebel and the alarm). This rapid turnover of band-members was characteristic throughout Chelsea's existence, with October the only constant presence.

Chelsea were noted for their socialist politics and the raw emotion of their early live gigs. Their first single, Right To Work, dealing with unemployment, was their most popular song. After spending 1977-78 touring in the UK and overseas, they released their first LP, Chelsea, in 1979. Their second LP, Alternative Hits, was released in 1980. The band released their latest studio album, Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking in 2005. They continue to record and tour.

There is a Japanese rock band called CHELSEA.

Then, there is also-also a early 90's french indie-pop band called CHELSEA, they released three albums : 'Réservé aux clients de l'établissement (1991), Tramway (1992) et 'Nouvelles du Paradis' (1994) and singles. The band disbanded in 1995, and its leader Emmanuel Teller later formed another band, Melville.

Finally, Chelsea was Peter Criss' band prior to joining KISS. Most notably, almost all of Pete's solo tracks started as efforts by Chelsea. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.