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Тексты песен Joshua Kadison

Joshua Kadison - Beautiful in My Eyes
5 дня назад 475,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Picture postcards from LA
5 дня назад 457,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Beau`s Au Night Radio Loveline
5 дня назад 456,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In My Eyes
5 дня назад 424,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Carolina`s Eyes
5 дня назад 460,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Delilah Blue
5 дня назад 523,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Desert Flower
5 дня назад 400,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - El Diablo Amor
5 дня назад 477,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Fragile Days
4 дня назад 418,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Georgia Rain
5 дня назад 442,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Greyhound Bound
5 дня назад 462,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - I Believe in You
16 часа назад 439,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - I`ll Just Let My Piano Play
5 дня назад 437,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Invisible Man
5 дня назад 403,00 (не задано)
Joshua Kadison - Jessie
5 дня назад 491,00 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

According to an early press release by EMI "His maverick ways paid off in 1993 when EMI Records released his self-penned debut Painted Desert Serenade, a collection of introspective story songs including the break-through single "Jessie" and "When A Woman Cries," already covered by legends Joe Cocker and Smokey Robinson. "I was so used to being outside of whatever was going on that I didn't even think I'd get a record deal, much less have my songs played on the radio." This, from the young man who received the BMI Award for one of the most played songs of 1994. His International hit "Beautiful in My Eyes" is often played at weddings. Painted Desert Serenade went platinum in the US and Germany, and went multi-platinum in Australia and New Zealand".

His second album Deliah Blue was less commercially successful (the only single Take It On Faith failed to reach a high chart position). His collection of songs were closer to sonic novels then the ballads featured in his first album; he used John Steinbeck's book "The Pearl" as inspiration for a song of the same name. The only single Take it on Faith failed to reach the Billboards Top-10 and shortly after EMI Group voided the contract with Kadison. In 1998, after a 3-year break, he published his book 17 Ways To Eat A Mango: A Discovered Journal Of Life On An Island Of Miracles and the 5-track-album Saturday Night In Storyville on his own label Storyville Records, selling it predominantly from his website. It was well received in Germany, where he continues to have a huge following.

Another three years later, he signed a new deal with EMI Germany and his album Vanishing America, produced by Leslie Mandoki, was released. The album released before 9/11, dealt with his disillusionment with the lost values of America. The album was a collection of songs that told stories about people not realising their own beauty and full potential.

In 2005, Joshua relaunched his career on his self-run website "Radio Humanity". He has since then bought back his previous website address and relaunched it. The Venice Beach Sessions was released as a download only album in 2 parts including a track called "Over the sad songs" thought to be inspired by his recently dissolved relationship.

In 2006, EMI released Essential a collection which included tracks from all three full-length studio albums and three additional tracks (formerly b sides).

In 2007 Joshua continued to update his website with regular letters and toured Germany in the Spring.

In 2008 Joshua released the download only album "Return of the dragonfly" and toured Germany again. During the tour he announced that he will no longer be performing as a pianist and will be traveling to learn new instruments and that he plans to relaunch his career in the future with a brand new sound. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.