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misc - north to alaska | guitar chord и Mp3
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misc - on the sunny side of the street | guitar chord и Mp3
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misc - once i had a sweetheart | guitar pro tab и Mp3
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1. Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner. (spelled with a dot)
2. Dylan Magierek.
3. Manuel Silva

1. MISC first hooked up working the nighshift at a videostore in the small german town Muenster. Since both had been music fanatics their whole life, they soon started making music together. Christopher is a classical trained musician but he also got interested in electronic sounds and music at young age. He used to play new synthesizers at local stores in the mid-80s so fanatically that he got house-forbidden in most of them in his hometown Bremen. Hannes never really tried to make music by himself before he met Christopher but he always has been a very careful music-listener and, growing up in Kassel, got infected with the Techno virus in the early 90s.

The first project they ever started was a breakbeat one with a jungle-like attitude. But it soon became clear, that they would not just stick to the scheme. So crossing borders and mixing up styles became their most important principle. Due to this approach, Christopher and Hannes soon began to work on completely different musical styles like Downbeat, House or Minimaltechno at the same time. After a long string of Drum & Bass-records with their project Monophace on Germanys leading D&B labels Precision and Krush Grooves and after their moving to the city of Cologne they began to release House and Downbeat tracks as Van Delta on Groove Attack. Next thing was a radical form of Minimal-Techno as Niederflur on Detroits finest MINUS, which lead them directly to their Techno project MISC. which is currently releasing on Sender-Records and Klang Elektronik.

The Name MISC. says it all: Bleckmann and Wenner don't accept any genre boundaries in their music. The string of releases shows their variety from the homelistening techhouse album (in between, resopal schallware, 2003) to the club orientated minimal-techno longplayer (crunch time, sender, 2004). 12"es from Force Tracks to Speicher/Kompakt give a further impression of MISC. There are a few essentials that can be found in every track: a good bassline, some nice emotional content and intelligent arrangements. The sound is crystal clear and said to be hyper-present both on record and in the club. It's no surprise that well known artists like DEPECHE MODE, DOMINIK EULBERG, FRANK MARTINIQ, CHRISTOPHER JUST or OLIVER HUNTEMANN put trust in their talent for outstanding remixes. MISC. has the reputation of being one of the best rocking minimal techno liveacts around. Playing in clubs all over Europe, they are always pushing the crowd to their limits with sets that vary every night.

Bleckmann and Wenner's other projects mentioned are Monophace for cerebral and glitchy drum 'n bass, Niederflur and Clubsessel for minimal and dubby techno atmospheres, and Van Delta for a curious mix of all of them. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.