Тексты песен Tribe

Tribe - So in Love
4 дня назад 178 (не задано)
Tribe - Abort
9 дней назад 178 (не задано)
Tribe - Daddy`s Home
3 часа назад 183 (не задано)
Tribe - Easter Dinner
9 дней назад 168 (не задано)
Tribe - Here At The Home
9 дней назад 181 (не задано)
Tribe - Jakpot
месяц назад 169 (не задано)
Tribe - Joyride (i Saw The Film)
месяц назад 163 (не задано)
Tribe - Outside
14 дней назад 169 (не задано)
Tribe - Payphone
месяц назад 176 (не задано)
Tribe - Rescue Me
месяц назад 171 (не задано)
Tribe - Serenade
10 дней назад 185 (не задано)
Tribe - So In Love
месяц назад 173 (не задано)
Tribe - Tied
месяц назад 167 (не задано)
Tribe - Vigil
месяц назад 174 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Популярная Бостоноская рок-группа, образовалась в 1985 и была распущена в 1994 г. Выпустили 2 полноценных альбома "Abort" и "Sleeper", несколько синглов и "демо-версию" первого альбома под названием "Here at the home", который позже был перезаписан. Многие участники группы после роспуска перешли в компанию по разработке компьютерных игр Looking Glass Studios. К сегодняшнему дню Eric Brosius работает аудиодиректором компании Irrational Games, а Greg LoPiccolo занимает должность вице-президента компании Harmonix Music System.
Janet LaValley - вокал
Eric Brosius - гитара
Greg LoPiccolo - бас
Terri Brosius (Terri Barous) - клавишные, вокал
David Penzo/Mike Levesque - ударные Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Tribe were an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that were active from 1988 to 1994. The band built a sizable local following thanks to lead singer Janet LaValley and dark, melodic songs. The band released three albums on Slash/Warner Brothers in the early 90s before disbanding. Band members Eric Brosius, Terri Brosius (formerly Barous), and Greg LoPiccolo later entered the game industry, working most notably on the Thief and Guitar Hero series, and the critically acclaimed System Shock 2.

2) Tribe were an underground jazz and funk collective of musicians from Detroit that include Wendell Harrison, Phil Ranelin, Marcus Belgrave and others. Tribe as well as releasing records in the early 1970's also used to produce a black awareness magazine for Detroit.

3) Tribe is an Australian new age act (streaming here).

4) Tribe is a German trash metal band, founded in 2003 by Mortiz Kohlhaas and Sven Menges. Later, André Donath and Christian Groth joined. 2004, Thomas Kas came and André Donath left the band. First, they only covered songs, but now they write their own songs and also recorded a CD, At the moment, they have many gigs in the "Westerwald." They are inspired like Bands like Soulfly, KoRn or Ektomorf

5) Tribe can also refer to the group of singers in the musical "Hair".

6) Tribe is also a Belgium rock/folk/jazz-group. Most membres were formerly with the Belgian band Troissoeur.

7) Tribe also was another Belgian group, that made two albums: Stone Cold (1995) and Temper (1996)

8) Tribe is also a Heavy Metal band from UK, released their debut Pray for Calm... Need the Chaos (2009).Band is Paul Kettley (vocals), Adam Goldsmith (Drums), Gaz McKenzie (bass) and Nick Dunne (guitar, keyboards)

9) Tribe is also a Death/Thrash/Thrascore band from Slovakia (Moldava nad Bodvou).

10) Tribe is also a hungarian rapper from Dabas with a similar type of music like Rage Against the Machine.

11) Tribe is also a South African jazz quartet based in Cape Town consisting of Kesivan Naidoo (drums), Charles Lazar (bass), Mark Fransman (piano), and Buddy Wells (sax).

12. Tribe is also the name of a progressive rock/metal band from North Hollywood, USA. Their line up features 7sloth of YOutube fame, and their music can be heard/downloaded here: https://soundcloud.com/tribeofficial Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.