Bare Jr.


  rock  nekked  naked  alternative  90s
207 3 часа назад

Текст песни Bare Jr. - Brainwasher

Bare Jr. - Brainwasher слова песни

Rose print underwearCurly curly blonde blonde hairShine like a dandy lion,So I hear my own self sighinShooby-dooby, hey, hey, heeI hope you dont scare easilyWash my brain, wash my brainCleanse me of this shameAnd wash my brainYour skirts are so cleanAnd rest just above the kneeThese needs are so intense,They drain my intelligenceHeede, heede, hail, hail, hailI swear I wont kiss and tellMy mind is so dirty I got mud runnin out of my earsThey clog up so I cant hearThe tears of fearYou better get out of hereYour smiles are so bright,So lets turn out the lightsIf you cant see what we do,Than you might not feel as usedShooby-dooby,Oh whop, whop, whopSo would you please leaveOn your socks

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