Bare Jr.

If You Choose Me

  rock  nekked  naked  alternative  90s
216 3 часа назад

Текст песни Bare Jr. - If You Choose Me

Bare Jr. - If You Choose Me слова песни

If you choose me over himI`ll make you proud, I`ll make you grinI`ll write a poem about your smileI`ll buy you hats cause I dig your styleI`ll tell all my buddies how good you kissWhile I`m away only you I`ll missI`ll share my records and stay really cleanI`ll never fuss nor be meanIn front of all your friends, I`ll kiss your assI`ll leave behind my violent pastIf you choose me, if you choose meWhy won`t you choose me over himIf you choose me over him, I`ll make you proudOn me you can dependTo be nice to your momma, take your daddy fishin`I`ll make you biscuits then clean the kitchenThere will be credit cards for all your desiresWe can walk in the park And hold hands for hoursI`ll rub your feet I`ll scratch your backI`ll brush your hair and then comb it backWe`ll find that old boyfriend who treated you badYou can cuss him out while I kick his assI`ll wash your clothes, I`ll pay the billsYou can paint the bedroom anyway you feelI`ll quit cussin` and lose 10 poundsI`ll swear you`re skinny when you get round

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