Bare Jr.

Why Do I Need a Job

  rock  nekked  naked  alternative  90s
196 3 часа назад

Текст песни Bare Jr. - Why Do I Need a Job

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Why do I need a job, why do I need a jobI feel so free, I got nowhere to beSo why so I need a jobI once worked for an old bastardWho always pushed me to work fasterHe made fun of meCause my hair was greenHe tried to stick his hands into my jeansMy girlfriend is a stripper in abileneShe likes me to stay home and watch tv.She pays for my food,She likes to be rudeShe undresses her friends for meI dont have a clueWhat I wanna doMaybe I could inventSomething coolOr I could do timeFor committing a crimeThen sue for a millionOr twoI traded my car for a vanFilled it with gas, guitars and this bandThey pay us with beer,We stole all this gearSo why dont yallGive us a hand

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