Bring It On

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Текст песни Cheerleader - Bring It On

Cheerleader - Bring It On слова песни

Im sexy im cute
im popular to boot
im bitchin great hair
the boys all love to stare
im wanted im hot
im everything ur not
im pretty im cool
I dominate this school
Who am I just guess
Guys wanna touch my chest
Im rockin I smile and many think im vile
Im flyin I jump
U can look but don`t u hump (WHOOO!)
im major I roar
I swear im not a whore
We cheer, and we lead
We act like were on speed
Hate us cause were beautiful
But we don`t like u either!
Were cheerleaders!!!
We are cheerleaders!!
ROCALL! im bi bi big red
im wha wha whitnie ca ca ca cortney rrrr!
im da da darcey im ca ca carver YEA!
just call me casey
Im still big red i sizzle i scorch but
now i pass the torch the ballots are in
and one girl had 2 win shes perkey
shes fun and now shes number 1 ca ca ca
torrence ta ta ta torrence! im strong
and im loud! im gonna make u proud im ta
ta torrance ure captian torrence! lets go toros
(clap clap) we are the toros the mighty mighty
toros we so perfect we must be toros!

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Cheerleader - Bring It On
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