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E-40 f Suga-T

Grit & Grind

347,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни E-40 f Suga-T - Grit & Grind

E-40 f Suga-T - Grit & Grind слова песни

(Chorus - 2x)I got my cup, I got my plastic cupI got my cup, I got my plastic cupI got my cup, I got my plastic cupYou got your cup (I got my cup)[E-40]One of these playas is doing they own thangAnd some of these playas is kinda the sameOne of these playas is unlike the othersNow it`s time to spit my gameI`m leaning, I got that purple colors brightnessMs. Buttersworth up in my white cup, white cupCodeine`ing, dropping that Swishahouse groove musicAnd I`m fucked up, and I`m fucked upA playa`s sweating, shoot dice up under the staircaseTalking hell-a-loud grabbing his balls and side betting like a veteranAll my weeples just come hard, reach into my pocketsPulled out a wad of money and I threw my dogs up on itIt`s expected, cause way back when I couldn`t affordWhen a playa like me was leaking, had my back like a ? boardNow that I`m eating, the game done blessed me maynEveryday is my birthday, I`m about that ice cream and cakeLooking for a batch with no pan andI`m a guerilla meals must like BrandyLike the R&B singer, Christian brother twistGetting gone, plastic cup in the traffic bumping this(Chorus - 2x)[E-40]Hickory dickory dockI dick the boost down with my dockI was on stuck, she was on topPour me some more in my cup[Suga-T]We working with a lot, can`t let em catch us slippingCan`t sit the cup down, can`t let em know we trippingI`ma keep a cup, full of Check-A-Hater juiceEyes behind my head, can`t let em catch me looseHe`s a fool, usually wanting to put it on meGot a low attention span, and the average can`t afford meI`m a boss chick, like that-that-that-that-that-thatAnd you are bossy uh, I got your back(Chorus - 2x)[E-40]Head, shoulders, knees and toesPimps, playas, hustlas, hoesSimps, haters, bustas, marksSaps, suckas, haters, sarsWell I`m at a park, at a club after darkAt a football game, your date in the parking lotThem hoochies know my name, I`m not a popsicle But a fool, can you do the other side of the pimpStick and move, all about my uh paper routeWhen I`m drunk, that`s when my true feelings come outI ain`t no punk, you got your easmic stuffPlus some funk, in real life I`ll fuck you up(Chorus - 2x)

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