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E-40 f Suga-T

Lace Me Up

340,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни E-40 f Suga-T - Lace Me Up

E-40 f Suga-T - Lace Me Up слова песни

[E-40]Ahhh..UHH, yeah, uhh! (UHH, yeah, yeah)(Click Click, Click Click Click) Yeah, Click shitOh boy (oh boy) Suga (oh boy)Chorus: E-40, Suga T (repeat 4X)[E] Want me to tie yo` shoes? [S] Yeah (YEAHHH)[E] Want me to lace you? [S] Lace me (lace me up!)[E] Suga, I`m a man and believe me, most men is faultyThey only out for one thang and that`s to get between them drawers[S] Now dere you go with that dry drama CaptainI know you mobbin, but why you tryin to stop my action?[E] Tear that off! You better get somewhere with that, you trippin[S] You know how long we been long range pimpin[E] I`m sayin, have a little class[S] I`m `posed to break his ass right, right?[E] Den give up the ass![S] Okay, let`s go hit the potWatch `em serve a knot and get two hundred off that cot[E] That`s trill; crack him for his changeGet off in his narrow mind, exercise yo` game[S] Like that? (Oh boy) So quickThey call me Suga Break-A-Trick[E] You mean like Sherrie Stack-A-Grip?[S] Yeah; ain`t nuttin to itUs females ball too - somebody gotta do it!Chorus[E] I got, three switchin beotches, Christine Irene and DoreneCleanin and clurvin, Listerine and chlorine[S] I got, trick willies, kickin me down allowanceBuyin me clothes, that they can`t even pronounce[E] I got, game - off the backboard[S] I got, materialistic shit most females can`t afford[E] How bout - fame, money, carsand (they love the way us "Rappers Ball")[S] But let me put you up on these schemes females practiceScrew you real good and steal the money underneath the mattressYou got to be an actress, it`s conniving and cunningWe fake orgasms, and make `em think we cuming[E] Okay; dem some cool cluesI ain`t gon` lie, you laced my tennis shoesI`ma go back and tell all my dudesY`alls playin football with basketball rules[S] Jewels - our niggaz, we make `embuy engagement rings and give ultimatums[E] But see Suga you ain`t dealin with no square ass figureThey call me Earl; I can show `em the newest wayto play the oldest game in the worldI ain`t never been one to be suckin up to no chickMy grandaddy told me to whip the pussy, don`t let the pussy be the whipChorus[S] I tried to told you about a batch (what they did?)Hit yo` windows out with a bat and put yo` tires on the flatNow we can be some skanless sneaky sly hoesBurnin indo even though to` up from the flo`[E] I smell you cause I be hustlin, tryin to make some mailBut my broad keep tryin to send me back to jail[S] She caught you fuckin?[E] Yeah, now she holdin grudgesTook her keys and scratched up my CutlassYou gotta watch us slick talkin bay area niggaz off that ginWe`ll fuck around and get drunk and run up in yo` best friend[S] We pop bra straps[E] We pop collars[S] We bout that scrilla scratch[E] We bout them dollars[S] It ain`t gon` be no, "Fuck Faces," no dick tasterswithout them big faces (what I do?) He already tied my shoelacesChorus[E-40]It is so enthusiastic to hear my mouthpiece as I spoke upon the gameI promise you pimpin I am so open to the public about these LRP`sCome on down, to my soil right?And I can lace the tardy people up, I`m havin a tutorin class right?And if you need to be tutored man,come on down to Shoestrings`n`Things they`ll lace you up real goodYou underdig? The Pop Ya Collar NetworkUp under the Bosses Will Be Bosses umbrellaAnd I promise you, my mouthpiece is so devestatinand it can not be paralyzed man because I promise youIt ain`t nothin but straight G-A-M-E comin up outta here pimpinOh boy, oh boy!

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