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Franks Enemy


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Текст песни Franks Enemy - Antigod

Franks Enemy - Antigod слова песни

Up front I say nothing is owed to meAnd there`s no doubt about God`s power and love that beI don`t blame Satan if I make a wrong choiceI`ve got the Bible if I need God`s voiceTo be deserving of retributionIs not religious persecutionIf God has to do a job that He has for meIt`s not a miracle it`s His mercyWould you sayI`m anti-God these days?Things I took for blessings turned out to be thornsThings I took for fiery darts turned out to bless me moreI found I had to watch my prayers-they might come trueTo make me grow I need to be broken tooWill I be happy to rejoice in His day?Regardless of whatever comes my way?After so many have run away?In the face of all the doubt and pain?Would you sayI`m anti-God these days?Up front I say nothing is owed to meNo magic prayer carpets to prosperityMy highest hope is the martyr`s deathGod in His wisdom probably won`t put me to that testWould you sayI`m anti-God these days?

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