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Franks Enemy


677,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Franks Enemy - Ashes

Franks Enemy - Ashes слова песни

It`s hard to admit I`m wrong sometimesBut even harder to admit I`m rightCompromise as the sun rises and fallsJust trying to avoid the fightThinking I`m upholding my purpose from GodWhile my soul and spirit fall apartI smile and play along with everythingAs I lie to my own heartThe things I think Satan wants torn apartMaybe it`s him holding them togetherHis hand not behind the malfunctionsBut the tensions that ensue with othersIt`s all a game I play along withClose your eyes and bow your headI get home and I ponder my liesAnd I know that I am deadEach Christian life in the balanceMore important than any charadeWho`s purpose only delays the inevitableAnd ultimately sends it into the flamesWith foundation in place I must standThe compromise must endOr God will walk me through the ashesOf my noble accomplishments

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