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[Brewin]What y`all know about them wild niggasDevil child niggasHave-you-kick-the-bucket-say-fuck-it-and-smile-niggasThe type to catch the Buddha buzz, slide up to the fuzzSayin "Officer, run your shotty before I catch this body"I knew this nigga Smokey, sorta like his pistolBarrel when you`re in peril and shit like that was wantedBut later that would die down,Sorta like many abandoned that he ran withHis block felt sorta hauntedHis only solitude was wifey, word to life, G it seemedThey was together forever and now the womb had been seededHe needed a job and the robbin wouldn`t do itHe wasn`t tryin to go out like Diquan in StrappedHer mother was a nurse, her purse was chubbyFrom the hospital she found Smokey some work and shit was lovelyWith some cream in here, feed a patient there, he had lootAnd not a nigga on the street would have to get that pocket tappedHe`s workin in maternity and learninSeein much about the infant childrenTo be skilled in fatherhoodStealin baby stuff home for selfAnd he didn`t have to pull the Mac-20 off the shelf and get...Chorus:Loose if a brotha can`t take no moreLoose if a brotha can`t swing itLoose if a brotha can`t break once moreLoose if a brotha.....[Brewin]In Maternity, Smokey saw stuff, raw stuff,Make-you-drop-your-jaw-stuff, hospitals get sorta wildHe saw some babies shakin, awakin if they were fortunateHis soul was scorchin, it would have thinkin of his childLater there would be no "Honey, I`m home,"Strictly "Woman if you jeopardize my seed, dead up, I leave you wet up"On the block, a flock of zombies entrancedBy the peddlers of temporary ghetto heaven had him fed upHis job was gettin hard to fuck withThey had even had him stuck with the disposal of the stillbornPoisoned by the nourishment, the ill torn soul from fleshFrom the womb to tombSeein shit like that`ll have you crazyThat night he had a dreamAnd it was a child nursin upon the semen of the glass genetaliaClouded nut after clouded nutHe woke and shouted "What the FUCK is goin on?"Smokey was swayze, it`s time to get....Chorus[Brewin]He figured there was only one wayAs he rushed the runway lookin wild derangedThis was common, without any qualm inside he was tookinLookin at fiends of the pebble adored praised,Devil for lord raised from the crystallized tombsThrough fumes from the floorBlazed the sole sacrificial altarHe chose now to halt the worship dealin that ultimate headrush... The lead crushed, buyer or seller decoratin hell a flameWith the choir of the firearms to blameIn the mornin by the time the smoke cleared,Everybody seen the massacre, the local folk cheered"Oh, thank the Lord Almighty," the pharmacy was out of businessOn the L a chubby widow cries alone because her man had gotten...Chorus (2x)

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