Solid Harmonie

Come And Get It

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Текст песни Solid Harmonie - Come And Get It

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(K.Sanders/H.Nitsch)Chorus:C`mon, come and get it babyIf you really want this, babeC`mon and get it yourselfYou know that you can`t deny itIn your heart you wanna try itC`mon and get it yourselfBoy, since I`ve been seeing youyou`re the only thing on my mindI contemplate what to doYou`re everything that I want to findYou`re telling me that you are confusedYou say you wanna love me without being usedBaby, you can give it awayI can guarantee you that I`m here to stayBridge:I won`t waste you`re timeYou can believe meMy heart is right hereI don`t want nobody elseSo baby come and get it yourselfChorusI know all about your liesAnd all the other games that you playYou`ll never be hurt by meThere`ll be no broken-promisin` meBaby let your feelings goIf you never try it then you`ll never knowJust open up to understandHow much I can love youCan you be a man?BridgeChorusRap: Ooh I got a situationBaby needs love and a demonstrationThat`s for sure I don`t want nobody elseSo baby come and get it yourselfYou can come and get it yourselfCome on and get it yourselfChorus

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