Stevie Wonder

For Your Love

  soul  funk  motown  pop  rnb
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Текст песни Stevie Wonder - For Your Love

Stevie Wonder - For Your Love слова песни

All the gold in all the world
Is nothing to posses
If all the night that it can bring
Can`t add up to one ounce of your happiness

And for your love I would do anything
Just to see the smile upon your face
For your love i would go anywhere
Just you tell me and I`ll be right there

A diamond that shines
Like a star in the sky
Is nothing to behold

For miniscule is any light
If it can`t like you brighten up my soul


I could have never fathomed this
Such joy
love and tenderness
That you give to me
For the love I feel inside
It`s so wonderful I can`t hide
And i glow
I glow
With just the thought of you
I do
I do
I do
I do
I do
I do


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