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X-Perience - A Neverending Dream
10 дней назад 373 (не задано)
X-Perience - Beautiful Day
10 дней назад 341 (не задано)
X-Perience - Circles Of Love
7 дней назад 289 (не задано)
X-Perience - Circles Of Love (D&s Radio Mix)
10 дней назад 377 (не задано)
X-Perience - Circles Of Love (Radio Edit)
10 дней назад 386 (не задано)
X-Perience - Magic Fields
месяц назад 235 (не задано)
X-Perience - Mirror
день назад 277 (не задано)
X-Perience - My Life Goes On
месяц назад 238 (не задано)
X-Perience - The Moon
месяц назад 303 (не задано)
X-Perience - The Night Moved On
месяц назад 218 (не задано)
X-Perience - The Sun
3 часа назад 245 (не задано)
X-Perience - Game Of Love
21 день назад 280 (не задано)
X-Perience - Keep The Faith
28 дней назад 265 (не задано)
X-Perience - Leave Me Alone
5 дней назад 313 (не задано)
X-Perience - Rain
месяц назад 240 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

X-Perience - немецкая группа. Основные направления - техно и транс. Основана в 1993 году Алексом Кайзером (Alex Kеiser) и Маттиасом Уле (Matthias Uhle). В начале музыкальной карьеры группа была невостребованной, поэтому Маттиас и Алекс пригласили в группу сестру Маттиаса Клаудию Уле (Claudia Uhle) и свели вокал с только что написанной мелодией песни Circles Of Love. Диски попали на радиостанции и мгновенно оказались в горячей пятерке.
Певица Клаудия Уле покинула группу в 2007 году и была заменена на Манью Вагнер. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
X-Perience is a pop band from Berlin, Germany. Their music style varies between synthpop, trance and ethnopop. The band members are Matthias Uhle (composition, keyboards), his sister Claudia Uhle (vocals until 2007) and Alexander Kaiser (lyrics, keyboards).

X-Perience was founded in 1995. Their first single CD was called Circles Of Love, released on their own label. Axel Henninger, who had worked with Camouflage before, produced the track. Circles Of Love became a regional hit in Berlin, mainly through the radio station Fritz. This caught the attention of the major record label WEA, who offered the band a contract. WEA re-released Circles Of Love in 1996 on a larger scale, and this single managed to enter the German Top 100.

They released a second single, A Neverending Dream. Along with the song, a video was shot, which went into heavy rotation on MTV and VIVA. A Neverending Dream became a huge hit in the end of 1996, peaked at #4 in the German charts and reached Gold status (sold over 250.000 copies). The song has been covered several times since, lately quite successfully by Dance act Cascada. The debut album Magic Fields was released in 1997. It peaked at chart position #22 in Germany. In Finland, X-Perience became especially popular, with the album reaching Platinum.

The title track Magic Fields was released as a third single, along with a video that was shot in South Africa. Although the song didn't reach the heights of A Neverending Dream, it also was a hit on TV, radio and in the charts. The second album, Take me Home, was released in the fall of 1997. Like the debut album, it reached #22 in the German charts. Its most successful single became the dance track I Don't Care. In 1998, X-Perience won the radio award R.SH Gold.

After a break of three years, X-Perience came back in 2000. Journey Of Life, released by Polydor/Universal, featured a song called The Meaning Of Life, a duet with Neue Deutsche Welle and Gothic icon Joachim Witt. The single Island Of Dreams was used as a title track for the adventure show Expedition Robinson (Survivor).

In 2006, X-Perience got a new contract, this time with Major Records in Hamburg. They released their comeback single Return to Paradise and the fourth album Lost in Paradise, including new versions of the first three X-Perience hits, mixed by José Alvarez-Brill. The album also included a duet with Midge Ure (Ultravox, Visage) called Personal Heaven, which was released as another single.

With the 2007 single release I Feel Like You Claudia decided to leave the band. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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