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Lolita - Du Bist Nie Allein
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Lolita - Du Bist Nie Allein
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Lolita - Ein Herz Und Eine Seele
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Информация о артисте

There are several artists called Lolita.

1. Lolita is a female electro/pop/dance producer, singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.

2. Lolita is the name of Indonesian’s dangdut house music singer. She is very famous and having tour around Java. She’s very talented and having a lot of fans in Indonesia.

3. Lolita was the name used for an Italian Eurodance project led by many producers, and fronted by two different vocalists over the years. Annerley Gordon AKA Ann Lee was the performer up to 1995 ("Try Me", "Cherry Girl" were among the most popular songs), but left around that time to perform vocals for Whigfield.
A project very similar to Lolita was Virginelle, produced approximately by the same rolling team and in which Gordon sang "Lucky Lucky".
Ever since Annerley Gordon left, vocalist Elena Gobbi took the parts of both Lolita and Virginelle.
Here is a list of some producers/writers involved in the Lolita project over the years: Giancarlo Pasquini AKA Dave Rodgers, Sandro Oliva, Andrea Leonardi AKA Bratt Sinclaire, Alberto Contini, Hinoky Team, Giordano Foglia, Marco Gulinelli.

4. Lolita is an female german rapper, with offensive lyrics.

5. Lolita is a Chicago-based latin jazz band, composed of Northwestern students Daniel Head (vocals, guitar), Thomas Beckmann (bass, vocals), Matt Stokke (vocals, guitar) and Jose Dutriz (drums).

6. Lolita is a rock band from Czech Republic. http://www.bandzone.cz/lolita

7. Lolita is a band from Estonia.

8. Lolita is a famous russian Pop singer, composer and TV hostess, who has her own TV talk show

9. Lolita aka Graziella Franchini is an Italian pop singer performing from 1966 until her murder in 1986.

10. The daughter of flamenco/copla singer Lola Flores

11. Lolita is a Jazz band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Music: HiEnergyTurboPornoFunkEtnoOverdriveCrossoverHardGroovieJazz. Founded in 1987.

12. Lolita is an alternative/indie/pop band from Koprivnica, Croatia. http://lolitakc.bandcamp.com

13. Lolita (1931-2010) was an Austrian singer.
In 1960, Lolita's song "Seeman" (deine Heimat ist das Meer), sung in German, was the first "German-made" female artist single to make the US Hot 100, peaking at #5.

14. Lolita is the name of Polish pop-rock music singer. Her song "Memories of Vodka" hits the top of US Billboard chart. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.