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Тексты песен Sir Mix A Lot

Sir Mix A Lot - Baby`s Got Back
11 дня назад 288,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - A Rapper`s Reputation
5 дня назад 285,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back
16 дня назад 390,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Gortex
11 дня назад 258,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - I Check My Bank
7 дня назад 288,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - I Got Game
18 дня назад 337,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Mack Daddy
11 дня назад 332,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Monster Mack
2 дня назад 334,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - My Hooptie
11 дня назад 336,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - My Posse`s On Broadway
17 дня назад 334,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - National Anthem
10 дня назад 329,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Sprung On The Cat
2 дня назад 330,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Swap Meet Louie
5 дня назад 365,00 (не задано)
Sir Mix A Lot - Testarosa
21 дня назад 322,00 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Anthony Ray, better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, (born August 12, 1965 in Seattle, Washington) is a rapper and producer. The founder of the Nastymix record label, he debuted in 1988 with Swass. In 1992, he debuted on a major label with his album Mack Daddy, whose single "Baby Got Back" reached the top of the American singles chart and won a Grammy Award.

In 1986, Sir Mix-a-Lot and his DJ Nasty Nes founded the Nastymix record label. His first hit, released in 1987, was the single "Posse on Broadway", whose title referred to a street in Seattle's Capitol Hill district.[1] The Godzilla remix of "Posse on Broadway" contained a sample from David Bowie's 1975 hit "Fame", but neither the album version or the original seven inch edit version (which was used for the video) used the David Bowie sample. Swass, his debut album, came out in 1988, with two other singles "Square Dance Rap" and a rap cover of the Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" backed by the band Metal Church.[1] In 1990, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified Swass platinum for selling a million copies.[2]

Sir Mix-A-Lot debuted at the Def American label with Mack Daddy in 1992. Its single "Baby Got Back" was a number-one hit that went double platinum[2] and won the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.[3] MTV aired the video for "Baby Got Back" only during evening hours because of its supposed sexual nature. In 1993, Sir Mix-a-Lot collaborated with Seattle-based grunge group Mudhoney for the song "Freak Momma" on the Judgment Night soundtrack.[1]

In 1995, Sir Mix-a-Lot starred as the titular character of the short-lived TV series The Watcher. The show was one of the first dramas aired on the fledgling broadcast network, UPN. Reminiscent of series such as The Twilight Zone, Sir-Mix-a-Lot functioned as an omniscient narrator who introduced each episode, which would feature a new tale set in the seamy underbelly of Las Vegas.[4]

Low label promotion of his 1996 album Return of the Bumpasaurus led Sir Mix-a-Lot to leave the American label. During the three year break, Sir Mix-a-Lot worked closely with another group, The Presidents of the United States of America under the group name "Subset" with a combination of rock and rap music, but nothing was ever officially released. [5] In 2002 he appeared in the rap video "what you doin with Dat". In this video Sir Mix Alot and friends complain about the women having" no back" in front of a LA nightclub. Sir Mix Alot reveals he has a formula that enhances the female posterior to late 90s Mary J Blige propotions. The poition comes in aerosol form and Mix Alot releases it through the club' ventalation system. The first victim to the pink mist is a young woman in a tube top, pants, and a pair of stillethos. She is making of way up a set of stairs in front of two other ladies. The mist targets her dainty chic,urbane glutes .Even though curbed for centuries by evolution the traits of the jungle wait to escape . Even though once conqured by pilates and good diet the barbaric, monstrous hindquaters that helped her Bushwoman ancestors support their young and survive famine are reincarnated.The once model now looks like a customer of Bordens milk. The once suitable pants are nowmore like a new fangled tight fitting garment to the mammoth, slow moving, primitive rump. She seems unknowing of her devolution and continues to the dance floor to find a mate. Other women also change.

In 2009, Sir Mix-a-Lot appeared in a Paul Hunter-directed commercial for Burger King where "Baby Got Back's" lyric of "I like big butts" is changed to "I like square butts" for a SpongeBob SquarePants promotion. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Born Anthony Ray in Seattle on August 12, 1963, Sir Mix-a-Lot is a Grammy Award winning rap artist known as a champion of north-west-coast hip hop and for his mainstream break-out in the early 90s. Where there was previously no scene, he helped create it with fun, bass heavy tracks relying on booty shakin' just as much as a playful sense of humor. His first album, 'Swass', featured him humping the Space Needle to show his commitment to the Seattle scene and went platinum. After hooking up with producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin, Mix-a-Lot hyped a new, in-your-face image culminating in the booty shakin' anthem "Baby Got Back", a groovy cut about thick booty that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and signaled the high point of his career.

The track, which earned him a Grammy Award, has continued to be a success, with VH1's '100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop' including it in 2008. As trends in gangsta rap and other shifts of hip-hop culture took place, Mix-A-Lot kept on releasing tracks to a cult fanbase before going more into production and studio work. Other notable fan favorites include "Posse on Broadway" (rapping about a street in Seattle, discussing local landmarks, with success that proved his first hit with some MTV airplay), "Testerossa" (a comparison of his lyrical power to the cars' horsepower), and "Swap meet Louie" (a comical look at counterfeit goods such as Louis Vuitton items being sold at swap meets and night markets). His infamous food-based parody tune "Buttermilk Biscuits" (also known as "Buttermilk Biscuits (Keep on Square Dancin')") was performed by kids on the new 'Mickey Mouse Club' program and earned comparisons to "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Mix-A-lot created his own label and worked his songs from the ground up. He never achieved the same popularity as his heyday again, but his songs remain fun and bring his fans back to the late 80s and early 90s with beat-boxing and old-school scratching. See: http://sirmixalot.com/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.